Kemilau Nusantara 2008

"Kemilau Nusantara" is an annual event held by the office culture and tourism of Indonesia and the takes place in West Java, In front of Gedung Sate.

In 2008, I got the opportunity to attend the "Kemilau Nusantara 2008" event.

At this event, there are also my friends from economics department. There is Mas Boy, Jogi, Cumut, Lita.

Here is some pic of us..Left to right : Mas Boy, Jogi, Lita, Cumut, Yangki

And there is also Madi. Here is our pictures.

Left to Right: Mas Boy, Lita, Cumut, Yangki, Madi
Left to Right: Refi, Mas Boy, Jogi, Madi, Cumut, Yangki, Alex

Hey, hey, wait up a moment. Have you ever watched "Laskar Pelangi" movie?
There's someone look like familiar with the movie. Yeah there is "Ibu Mus" the one who teach "Laskar Pelangi" students. Haha, there you are Jogi. I'll call you "Bu Mus" later..

Official Website of Kemilau Nusantara 2008 click here

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