1. Kandank Ilmu

Kandank Ilmu Logo
Yangki started this Kandank Ilmu project since November 2008. This project is a part of  Research and Development Division of Economics Student Body Organization, Padjadjaran University (Divisi R&D HIMA IESP Unpad) 2008/2009 period. Kandank Ilmu provides resources material to make it easy and accessible for economics students to get courses materials.
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2. Forest Friends
Hanna (Forest Friends Germany) & Yangki (Forest Friends Indonesia)
Forest Friends is a joint project between WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Germany where 6 selected finalist from Indonesia and Germany are mixed into three groups with one Indonesian and one Germany. Yangki was selected to works with Hanna Stanke from Germany to raise support where every single supporter, WWF will save 10 trees. In the end of this project, all of 6 finalist raised 6,378 fans/supporters and means in total we are going to plant 63,780 trees. To celebrate year 2011 as International Year of Forest, this tree plantation will be conducted in March/April 2011 in Tesso Nilo National Park, Riau, Sumatra, Indonesia. This project also in-line with WWF declaration to preserve Sumatran Tiger habitat. Tesso Nilo also known as the habitat for Sumatran Tiger.

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