My Weekly Schedule

For this semester I took 6 classes

  1. Deutsch Language (Monday 09.30 AM)
  2. Economic Regulation and Public (Tuesday 12.00 PM)
  3. Research Methodology (Thursday 09.30 AM)
  4. Natural Resources Economics (Thursday 12.00 PM)
  5. Advanced Macroeconomics (Friday 09.30 AM)
  6. Economics and Public Policy (Saturday 07.00 AM)
And I have to sit in for Introduction to Econometrics classes at 02.30PM every Wednesday.
As Teaching Assistant (TA) I have to handle 2 (two) econometrics lab which is on;
  1. Wednesday 09.30 AM
  2. Friday 01.00 PM
  3. TA Meeting every Tuesday 02.30 PM
You can see, I have no free day for every week for this semester. At least I still have 2 movie theater and time for playing Futsal.

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July 24, 2009 at 2:33 PM

hey you! thanks! i like the picture also. i like the autumn leaves on the ground, the fog, the river and the silence that the picture conveys. i hope we can be in something like this in the near future. let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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