Public Discussion on Environment and Cimate Change with Ms. Otero

Yesterday I got invitation from US Embassy Jakarta to attend Public Discussion on Environment/Climate Change with the Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, Ms. Maria Otero. Go to Jakarta from Bandung used X-Trans Travel and meet with Lidwina "Cea" Marcella one of friends from Danamon Young Leaders Award 2009 in PBNU Headquarter. Together with Lidwina Marcella (LSPR), Jonathan Christian Susanto (LSPR) and Olivia D. Purba (UI).

Ms. Maria Otero

In this discussion, Ms. Otero stated that youth all over the world have 3 biggest responsibilities;
  • To Learn
Everyone can learn from newspaper, magazine and even internet. Learn from what your country faces, what other countries around you faces and also global problem.
  • To Find Solutions
From all over problems, we have to find solutions. Don't just criticize but made some suggestion. After we learn, we'll know the way to find solutions.
  • To Act
And the last one is to act based on the way that we think and based on our knowledge and based on solutions that we have and we got.

I got a chance to ask Ms. Otero about Climate Change issue so my question is "After COP15, USA commit their emission reduction only for 17% based year 2005. I was one of International Youth Delegation to this conference and we also discussed with other youth all over the world that USA should reduce their emissions 30% based year 1995. So, why USA only commit to 17% emission reduction?"

Ms. Otero answered it that "Emission reduction need to be implemented with some regulation to make sure that we achieve our target. Thats why we only set 17%". 

To conclude the discussion, Ms. Otero said "From all over problems that we faced, we are part of the solutions".

Left-Right: Joe, Cea, Kak Reni, Vishal, Oliv, Yangki

Ms. Otero with PBNU Representative as the speaker in this discussion
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