Earth Hour 2010, Saturday 27 March 2010 Review

Photo Credit : WWF UK

Last night we celebrate Earth Hour in Wale, Dago Atas, Bandung with some friends and also my girl. After the National Debate Competition 2010 by HIMA IESP UNPAD Day 2, Adit ask me to having a dinner in Wale, Dago Atas. We go there along with Haikal, Adit's Girl (Karina) and my girl (Shilva).

It was raining and after arrived in Wale around 8.15pm, I order Mie Ayam Rica-Rica, Mie Ayam Rica-Rica Spesial for Adit, Mie Yamin Spesial for Shilva, Haikal and Karina. While we eat our food some waitress turn of the light and when we ask them, they said "Earth Hour Mas".

Wow, Earth Hour is a big trending topic for this month. After having dinner in Wale we decided to go to Bandung Indah Plaza because there's a Night Sale. We arrived there around 10 pm and we decided to buy some items. I buy Formal Shoes and Airwalk Shoes, Shilva decided to buy clothes and a shoes, Haikal buy a Shirt and a shoes, Adit buy a shirt and Karina bough a t-shirt.

In my opinion, Earth Hour save electricity consumption for one hour. That's right. But if there's an event such as Night Sale for 3 hours started from 9pm till 12am. That just a slogan that we can save our earth. Instead of saving electricity, this would increase electricity consumption.

We back home around 00.15am and then watch English Premier League, Man United vs Bolton and the final score is 4-0 for Man United. OG, Berbatov, Berbatov and Gibson is the scorer. Glory Man United.

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